Welcome to Stepanakert!

Tatik yev Papik Translated means: "Grandmother and Grandfather"

There and back again

To borrow a phrase from Tolkien, indeed it is a trek to reach Artsakh, a 6 hour drive
from Yerevan to the border line, and then another 1.5 hour drive to reach Stepanakert.
At the time of our shoot there was only one way into Stepanakert from Armenia, this road was the
Goris-Berdzor Stepanakert Highwayor highwayM12(Beginning at Goris and running across the border).
Moving in the opposite direction (Towards Armenia) the road becomes
Yerevanyan Highway.
Thus to visit Artsakh from Yerevan is indeed a long (14 hour roundtrip moving quickly) trek,
"There and back again".

Our mission is to bring the Armenian homeland to the eyes of the diasporan and native Armenian populations easily and immersively. It's our job to help you connect easily again to geographical & cultural Armenia, to that end we have covered the road to Artsakh and some key cities.

It is now possible to immersively visit the path from Goris to the Artsakh border.

Approaching the border checkpoint on the way into Artsakh

Welcome to Artsahk! Onwards to Shushi, & Stepanakert

It's been a VERY productive summer!

This summer, over August & September we've increased our production capabilities markedly. The big change is the switchover to vehicular-based image acquisition, and a native Armenia360 team who will be tackling the ongoing job of continuing to cover cities and locations. This summer we generated over 5,000 images, nearly 200% more imagery than last year! We're on-track to reaching 10,000 360 photospheres by the end of year 2017. More updates to come soon as the images are processed and published.