Google's Street View Summit 2019 and next steps

We presented at the summit, here is a beautiful summary of our efforts thus far

In an unexpected turn, it appears we've made an impression with Google's Street View Team

Here is Stafford Marquardt, program manager for Google Street View mentioning our work in Armenia and how we've made it appear as though Google themselves covered Armenia


As of today (October 18, 2019) we've amassed 35 Million views

There's so much more for us to photograph and publish in Armenia.

Google covered cities have street-by-street coverage, we need to achieve the same level of coverage for Armenia

We've solved so many challenges of making this a reality, but we're going to need some help to get to street-by-street coverage

It should now be obvious that we're serious about this mission, now we need to figure out the support we'll have to get in order to deliver the next level of coverage