With the recent events transpiring in Artsakh as they have, we've decided that there's now no longer a reason to keep the Artsakh imagery offline. We will be expanding our coverage of Armenia and making the Artsakh imagery available in high-resolution 360 video form within the next few months.

Plans for expanded coverage:

We plan to re-photograph Yerevan in order to account for the massive construction boom

the plan is to provide true street-by-street coverage.

Beyond Yerevan, the next goal is to provide street-by-street coverage of adjacent cities and fan out progressively.

We'll be partnering with other organizations in order to make the mapping of Armenia a regular consistent process

please get in touch with us if you live in Armenia and would like to participate.

Patreon for interactive 360 video drive throughs of Armenia

We'll likely be creating a Patreon in order to provide funding for continuous operations (a driver and an operator who can do the work on a regular weekly basis) as well as to provide an opportunity for those who wish to gain access to the hundreds of minutes of high-resolution video, the chance to do so.

Our 2018 Armenia coverage represents the height of freedom in Artsakh, and it includes walkthroughs of sites like:

- Stepanakert

- Shushi

- Amaras

- Dadivank

- Gandzasar

- Metz Togher

In addition to the sites above, we also have the road to Vardenis covered as well as many connecting roads.

All of this will be processed into 360 video form and made available via our Patreon.