This Year's March for Justice

In light of the recent political developments in Armenia, this year's March for Justice was particularly special. In an era of strained political polarization, and in a part of the world where a previous supposed 'bastion' of democracy (a large neighboring state to the west) has tilted troublingly toward autocracy, the events in Armenia are a ray of hope that the spirit of true democracy of the people by the people is alive.

We stand in solidarity with our brothers and sisters in Armenia, and will do all we can to walk with them into this new era for our country.

Below are some excerpts from the recent March for Justice 2018, which took place both in Los Angeles and around the world.

Arpi Avanesian of the Armenian Genocide Committee giving the closing address. She notes that we now have the support of 48 out of the 50 united states of america in recognition of the Armenian Genocide (The 2 remaining states are Alabama, and Mississippi) and that we are closing the remaining political gap in our cause for justice.

Congressman Adam Schiff expressing the support of our allies in the US, towards acknowledgement of the Armenian Genocide. He ends with a phrase "Paykar, Paykar, meenchev Verch", which tranlates in English to "Persevere, Persevere, Till the End".

A particularly spirited voice in the Armenian Youth, Aram Manukyan led a rousing speech that resonated particularly strongly with the crowd. Well spoken Aram!

Closing out the speeches was a moving performance of Zartir Lao ("Awake, my Son!") by Maria Cozette:

The lyrics of Zartir Lao, are translated in english, below:

Mobs of soldiers have gathered,
And surrounded the plain of Moush,
The sultan aims to wipe us out

Awake, my son, I die for you...

Poor Countrymen died, drowning in tears,
Wandering through foreign lands,
Died under tax and boot of the Turk

Awake, my son, I die for you...

What curse could fit the heinous Turk soldiers,
Who killed our sons and chief Arabo,
Bereft left our sole hopes in the cradle

Awake, my son, I die for you