The mission of Armenia360 is quite simple. Our mission is to bring to the eyes

of the scattered 8 Million armenians living in diaspora throughout the world an

immersive on-the-ground experience of their native homeland; it is also my hope

that through this effort, many others curious to learn about our country will

have the ability to do so quickly and easily.


There are 11 million armenians in the world today, yet only 3 million of them

actually live in our indigineous (and ancient) homeland. This means that

statistically, most Armenians living in the world today haven't even experienced

what it feels like to look around at the landscape, architecture, ancient places

of worship and distinction that is their right as armenians, to experience.


My name is Joe Hacobian, and I've put together Armenia360 to correct a glaring

problem I noticed when during preparations for my first trip to Armenia (in the

summer of 2015) I could not find any Google Streetview coverage of either

Yerevan (the Capital) or the surrounding cities and states. This perplexed me

given the high rate of literacy and technical development in the country. My

curiousity was further stoked when upon zooming out and searching nearby

countries for Streetview coverage, I found that not 20 miles from the outskirts

of Yerevan, nearby Turkey was awash in official Google Streetview coverage.


Our very own mount Ararat was there ringed by primary roads lit up on the map

with Streetview (affording views from every angle) coverage whilst the ancient

country from which the mountain received it's name lay dark on Google's

Streetview, visible only via stale satelite imagery which does nothing to

communicate the feeling of what it is like to stand with one's own feet on

Armenian soil. So I visited Armenia in 2015 and during that trip, I shot several

360 degree photospheres, I published them and then forgot about the matter. Then

six months later I was alerted by Google that one of my photoshpheres had been

viewed over 400,000 times. That simple bunch of photospheres I had shot had been

viewed over 500,000 times.


These view numbers seemed to send a clear signal: "There is certainly demand to

see our country". The lack of official Google Streetview coverage sent another

signal: "That demand is going unmet." Thus then and there I decided that upon my

next visit, I would do something about this lack of immersive on-the-ground



As it happens 2016 is the year of the 360 camera, being a techie (and a formally

trained photographer) I jumped into the fray and acquired a Samsung Gear 360

camera, and decided to push the 30Mp unit to its absolute limits during my 2016

summer trip.


The ensuing 2,750 photospheres the presence of which on Google maps has probably

led you to this site, are the initial salvo in this continuing mission. It is

the purpose of this site, to explain, to organize efforts, and to gauge your

interest in further work to illuminate Armenia under a blanket of 360

photographic coverage.